Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let's do this

Why is it whenever work slows down I spend more money???? Boy if I could sue for ADD effects.
Got a spam forward today from friend bitchin' about Obama and the Liberals , I'm not gonna loop off into right or left here . But all of us need to do the right things. You know what they are. it is cause and effect. Stop the handouts, hire everyone on a performance based pay,. Tax breaks to have your company fully in USA and all parts made in USA. You like wal mart , I like lead paint for kids toys so we agree. I figure less regulation more fatalities less burden on the taxpayer . .That whole stimulus pisses me off. If I find out about any of my Officials begged for anything that will not directly create living wage jobs I will campaign against them . There is no excuse for the state we are in. I vote on both sides of the fence maybe not the best for those in my life but there are issues that are Simply PROPER and Good for AMERICA on both sides of the house and if we as a country can't see that then I hope we see the Apocalypse in my life time just to let me be at rest knowing it can all start anew. I hope the salamanders can live off their own shit so they never need to live off the efforts of others or vise versa. USE LESS ,SPEND LESS, Earn your own way or get the F out. I'm all for the Heritage flights, ,Give up your citizenship and free flight to your Father land. Then you can go to your leader and bitch to him about the job he's doing,stand back and watch out for the machete.

Ordered Training Peaks today for 12 hour personal best, why? well because I work very hard and have overcome the odds in my life to be able to do the things which push me to be better than what I was yesterday.If you don't like it find a purpose in your own Life. HA.
OK OK OK . Pretty cool set up although better serving some one who really likes to enter every little thing. I will not be logging in every double 1/4 pounderbigtastylarge fry after work snack. I have to fuel me for the training. Who knows maybe in a week I'll be all sucked into it. OH yeah i guess I am sort of officially joining a Mountain bike team TEAM CYCLOPATH which in an odd way is the name of a team I should be associated with. I will order my Jerseys this week. I hope this will help me to be more dedicated to the sport and my goals . The one fellow told me it's more of a Mountain bike race club but I still feel obligated to put out my best as a representative. Been talking to Guy from John Tomac Bikes http://www.tomac.com/ about getting frame from them they look sharp and I have a fan loyalty type faith in their product, any input will be appreciated. Their website is to be updated soon . In my searches , there are a lot of mountain bike makers in Germany and Europe that look really cool and really High end, Rotwild,Ghost and Canyon. Get me one of those things.
Well I'm gonna crash out now.
Be Well...
And another thing , bring the windmill manufacturers here and build the parts here.
Be Well...

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