Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Maybe the dingo ate yuor baeby?" elaine Benes

Had to happen saw it comin' , the inevitable lay off, I'd feel bad if it were just me but sounds like 15 guys form other jobs and mine got the axe. Which other than the money it's just fine. It'll let me take care of a couple things. ANY SIDE JOBS OUT THERE. I can do anything , do it well narrows it down.
This morning did Hr rate zone time trial on bike trainer. for the training peaks program ,would've rather did it outside but it was icy cold snow. came up with 158 as avg which feels right for so far.

then after running errands , picking up moms bike to do some maintenance so she can take that and her Kayaks to Florida while staying with Grandma, who is very ill. I pray that all their tomorrows are better than their yesterdays. And yours too good readers.
Ok after erands stopping at wheel and sprocket for tubes and putzing around even more I did todays workout 70 mins of high cadence spin exercises which were relatively easy and not my norm to go so light but when the final set of one leg spins started I was hating it in the best possible way . 10 mins easy spin then 15 mins core exercises and stretching, I've never been a good stretcher, I guess I better work on it. After all I paid her to tell me how to do it. So I better shape up.
Ordered my TEAM CYCLOPATH jerseys , pretty cool the whole team thing and sponsors, got my eye on some wheels and tire which will greatly lighten my rig up. If I was workin steady I'd have a new bike by first race in may.

Been checkin out Fat Cyclist's blog during the races . Boy , GOD Bless that guy and everyone who donates he's one of the special ones. Great Job.

Girlfriendgoes in for some test's friday and it is just messed up how things can be great and fine and smack in the gut, you gotta stop and readjust every thing.

Well gotta go eat some beans cheese and chips.

Be well...

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Jason, The Rotwild bikes are not sold in the USA. Also, I cannot sell the bike at the end of the year, because it is owned by the team. If you want a Rotwild, you need to purchase one in Europe and have it shipped to the States.