Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan 23 2010

Ok Not training for MTB racing this year but have some good fitness goals and financial goals for this year after last year was a wash and plagued with injury and work slow downs.

I'm on FB and My space and but here is where I 'am able to spew my propaganda. or idle ramblings.

Today had great workout 20 minutes on tread mill high intensity it ramps elevation to 10 for 5 mins then drops then speed gains for 5 mins . then I did 4 sets 20 reps alternating lunges alternating with an incline sit up rotating with a 25 lb weight plate 4 sets of 20 of those and then 5 round 5 minutes on the heavy bag total was 1hour 10 mins Great sweat and all around cardio.

My immediate goals for fitness as I turned 39 years old this month and had a very near serious accident this year at work is to lose all excess fat I mean chiseled
I figure thats around 10-20lbs , half or more of this weight will turn into muscle as the year goes on. I want flexibility and great core strength., as well as overall increased strength.

I tentatively have 2 long weekend bike rides planned on the triumph. One to Dallas and one to the Florida Keys,and if things go really well a week long to Los Angeles while GF flies out .

I am not certain but it looks like work will be relatively steady this year which will help. Many things must happen the first half of the year for the second half to be Great as well as entering into the rest of my life.

I might do a couple shorter bike races for the heck out it or maybe charity rides. but I'm also entertaining the thought of Trying fly fishing and that's a nice saturday spent there too. but it's on the Triumph and a picnic and some fresh fish followed by a nice ride home . doesn't sound too bad does it?

In addition to all that I've got something in the works that will really be a boost for my morale . Wish me big time luck on it . All for today.

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