Saturday, May 16, 2009


Nice ride got in a couple hours , not what I wanted I kept procrastinating , I figured there'd be a diner in Green bush for lunch but no luck so drove around until I found Wierlwind bar and grill on HWY 67 Great burgers and fries, and lifetime on the tele ,you can't beat that. trails were great , great job to the builders and designers. The rocks will surely take their toll on me.

Drove home stopped at the grocery for food and noticed my Crank bros tool lying in the bed of the truck "why" I realize that my saddle bag is wide open " Before I even looked I knew what that red thing was that flew out of my truck in new holstein or elkart lake or... MY TRAIL PASS Firmly secured to one of 3 ignition/door keys to my vehicle, So whomever retrieves this has my address and keys to my truck and now thanks to this post a picture of the truck. I pray one of two good things happen , a saint gets it and mails it to me , or a car tire hits it and rips the pass from the key. Yup that just sucks.

Be well

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