Monday, May 18, 2009

Lay off Pay off

We finished the 172 over the river today at noon home with 8 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule . Hopefully just a day off before College av Bridge goes , hope fully because it is behing and getting tight on the schedule there will be some overtime , 9 hours in the rod patch is a mother but it'll pay some bills. Make Hay while the sun is shinin' .

was gonn do a ride but the wind today was kickin my but so I plan to do a longer ride tomorrow,hungover as I am cashin in my coins for some Jack Daniels fun tonight. After weights,and guitar,. I gotta make sure I stay fit as that endo I did sat could have really messed me up. I had noticed some air loss in front tire so will be switching tires and Using the CAFFELATEX product recomended on SoloGoats Blog. We shall see.

All for now, runnin behind...

Be Well!

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