Saturday, May 16, 2009


Headed out to the Kettles ' my info says Greenbush trails I don't believe I've ever ridden there.

I did my first 12 hour at the new fane on 06 and this I believe will off more difficult conditions , Good and bad for me. Finally shed a few pounds this week after the race , went from 209ish to 201 the last 2 days which is good for me and it tells me my body is still recovering also.
I need to be sure I don't lose too much as far as muscle goes. My diet has always been haphazard and now I feel an urgency to control what goes in the hole under my nose. I wonder if there's a quiznos along the drive I could really go for one of their double meat peppered steak subs .

Gotta get goin here

Be Well

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