Monday, April 20, 2009

Stans Rims WOW!!!

Tinker Juarez put up a good post on his stage race in S.Africa. click on pic to go there.

For me it is rain day from work . If it wasn't coated rebar it would be better but the coated is so slick when wet. Boss said probably gonna send guys home. Gotta hit the weights tonight ,been slackin on the strength and should take advantage of days like today to work on focus areas ,. Been thinking 'bout P90X but to hit that for 30 mins a night, cycle 2-3 hours every couple days and bust rods , I think I'd be asking for exaustion, and failure on race day. RACE Day Got my number today YAY ! 99 I requested , no reall significance other than Kell can read the numer at a distance and know to have my Pastrami on rye with a slathering of KOOPS(kickback$?) Mustard ready at each lap.

I feel good about how I've trained this year as a non pro limited experience rider, but as I enter this year I already know mandatory changes for next years program.

All for now

Be Well...

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