Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mid Way

Pic from friday this part looks the same , under that plywood is 4x4 wood spaced out approxx 1-3 feet apart and otherwise freefall 75 maybe more feet to river. Or green Bays PCB holding area whith water added in for the tourists.

Just about half done with the bridge , after 2 days off for rain, we hit it again. more of detailing out than high quantity, tomorrow will be rough. Today we just about had tragedy in the traffic lanes , a super heavy gust hit us and tore up some 4x8 sheets of plywood and launched 'em into traffic, luckily most of the folks were paying attention, you still see some of these morons yappin on the phone when traffic is all chaotic, ***TYRADE EDITED BY AUTHOR ****

Got in 22 of a 26 mile ride tonight , flatted and didn't have spare with me. My chauffeur got me, Thanks Kell, she doesn't read it either.Then I got in some weights, need to hit it all harder, the first couple races are going to be poor.

Is it too late for a revote?


Lee Unwin said...

Doing any of the WEMS races?

GRIESE.J said...

Gonna try for the first 4 -5 we'll see, Gotta clean the garage and see if I can find my 12 hour legs in there...