Sunday, April 19, 2009

cold damp, overcast

Great day to take the MOTO out. got up this am wanting to do a leisurely ride on the Triumph, but just really cold and damp out, so I opted to take it 50 miles to Ripon USA to visit with my father for a spell. When I got out there I detoured to Murray field which is where I played little league in 4-5th grade , I was possessed to walk the bases, I felt like a giant at one point I squatted down at home plate for my 4th grade perspective , maybe we do this when we get older, maybe we should, I had a great feeling out there. Until I remembered getting beaned with the ball at home plate laying me out, fast pitch to the nose/forehead. We enjoyed it though they didn't have Ice packs so they gave me freezer pops (long frozen koolaid) to use and our whole dugout was eating freezer pops because I said they were melting and I needed more. Good times were had by all.

Didn't do a darn thing else today ... oh 'cept posted to my blog,but you already knew that; didn't you...


Just read Getaway face by Richard Stark, also known as Donald Westlake. have read one other , the other had been done into a movie with Mel Gibson "PayBack" , good easy reads The guy is Parker and he does crime/heists.. always with twists and double dealings, . I recomend these to any one who gets bored with TV from tiome to time I'm not a fast reaader and I can knock on off in 2-3 evenings .

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