Monday, March 2, 2009

5 hours on trainer owwwww

Kell got me this photo from I stock ? Just gotta get a frame , its just missing the ST in front of the bike. I had procrastinated all day sunday for doing my 5 hours easy on the trainer yesterday,partially to do with my sat night out until 2am and sleepin 'til 10. But finally at 9 pm I began pushin the pedals , supposed to be easy non technical trails but because I'm on the trainer I thought I would try to maintain a 15 mph avg speed which would give me 75 miles at the end came up with 73 miles and that was fine by me. Finished at 2 am . next sunday she wants 6 hours. Gotta get more Butt er and motrin. I gotta say I am very proud of myself for sticking with it the whole 5 hours , one quick break for bathroom and butter refresh , but as far as food drink I planned it perfect for energy.

Today it is 8 degrees out, I'm gonna fill out my order to KENDA tires 'cause it's all I can afford right now. this year I have to get a lot of stuff both for the bike and gear for the races, tents ,lights, tools. not to mention all the other things in life I must stay ahead of. This lay off is reall gonna bite if I don't see something coming over the horizon. In a week I will be searchin Craigslist for odd jobs. I'd do well to find 30 hours at 15$ an hour cash to keep me above water.
Besides family I've noticed little by little people passing by here and checking out my blog thing I wanna refresh what I've got here.
I'm 38 yo male from wisconsin training for several 12 hour solos and a 24 hour solo race this year mainly to really to put full effort into it and see what I can pull off, I don't expect podium places but I want to be a worthy competitor . And when the 24 comes around I want to be able to finish it without injury , a good attitude and knowing I put in the effort to get me the best result possible. I am currently following a 12 week personal record training plan from LW COACHING for 12 hour solo which is helping me stay focussed and not overdoing it. I've been following a lo of different rider Blogs and forums tring to gain as much knowledge as possible. I am open to constructive input to help with my training or support so feel free to say hey and let me know what you think.

Be Well...

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Mike said...

Good luck with everything Jason! Hang in there, I'm sure you'll be back in action on the job front before you know it! I had to rearrange my schedule around some family plans since my sister decided to do a destination wedding. :/

I'm going to easy into the distance thing. I'm hitting the OMBC races hard a mixing in some time in WV and MI. I'm hoping upon hope I can get a 6 hour and 12 hour in this year! I wish you luck in your endeavors!