Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thurs Storm blows in

don't know how much s'posed to get but it sure is coming down. I got in my 1.5 hours the plan called for and I'm feeling the" I should be doing more syndrome". I found a couple hills downtown very short hills but did 'em repeatedly for the intervals. Was not clear on the pace before and after.
Big shout out to Appleton Bike for stellar service today, noticed my brake rotor was loose on ride and they went through and tightened everything proper. What pisses me off is I paid 100+$ last spring to have my bike tuned , prepped, new cables,true wheels and such I guess making sure the rotors were secured wasn't clarified. I had 1000 miles on that bike before the tune up and now this year miles after the tune up only 500 miles and all is loose. Sorry. Guess I found myself a new shop. Guy at the shop is getting the Crank Bros cobalt wheels and he heard they have a champagne color too. I have decided I must hold of on that purchase until I start working again.
I will be ordering some new Kenda tires and maybe a work stand .
Just got my shipment from Body, great prices and real fast delivery, essentially stocked up for the month on my supply of aminos and such. Got the shirt there too. I should get some sort of fat burner pill but I'm sure that'd be less than intelligent considering the amount of coffee I drink in a day. ASK anyone.
Broke down and got a hair cut, was gonna try to get a full shag thing going but glad I refrained, maybe it's the ginko.
Iwas gonna find that tire review and link it here , well I'll find it now BRB650-702 back OK it's not ground breaking but good ,and a nice site as well , so Check MTO Made to Order Bikes for info. Kinda gettin the hang of this.

Gonna end there , hope someone other than me is benefiting from this.

Gotta go blow again

Be well...

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