Wednesday, February 25, 2009

wed spinning and core

Not much to spout today , did my spin up wpork out today couple uncertainties which I hope Lynda will clear me on . Supposedly big storm moving in tomorrow, maybe I'll do a ride in the fresh snow ..Well maybe not. . I've noticed a few hits on my blog lately which is kinda cool. the way I've been slutting myself around the web the hits could be from any one. Who knows. .
Read a good article on tires today,but did't bookmark it might post it tomorrow. Looks like the Kenda Nevegals get a lot of good reviews. might get me some for new wheels . When I got my trek 6500 in '01 the stock tires were heavy and in '02 Scotty at Gear'n'up bike shop in menasha,wi recomended the klimax lite tires they were awesome, instant weight loss difference. and they were fast rolling ,rode the same pair all year in citizen class .I would recomend them to anyone looking for quick fix towards rolling weight. I think they were UST also.
Blah blah blah.
10.5 weeks to go .
Brewers were on the radio today. Instant feeling of summer. All the way this year!!!

All for now Be Well

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