Monday, February 2, 2009


833 p got phillip Marlowe on internet radio gonna call 'er a day. been pricing full suspensions , yike$$$$ I know the research and the quality and everything else but Yikes 5-7 grand. I feel like the guys at work when they hear I spent 2g's on my trek. If april and may go well and work stays steady then maybe I'll investigat a frame and transfering parts over that'd be a better idea if I had carbonfiber parts already.but it's mostly bontrager and xt .
Just venting. I had a good workout tonight and tomorrow am shooting for 3 hours saddle time. I know I need to increase it as well begin focusing on the work outs if I want to enter the year in the best shape come may. Ultimately I'm shooting for a finish at 24-9 but I'd like to feel good after a 12 hour though.I am to inclined to get discouraged if I don't start well.
It's gonna be pretty cold this week so it'll be trainer all week. If I had it in me without risking burnout I'd like to do an hour on bike on days I do weights to but I think it would be bad fast.
Be Well.

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