Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Great trainer ride tonight first time I've done 3 hours to a HR monitor. I need to reread Joe Friels book 'cause I need to clear up on the max heart rate and zones. I rode in "my percection of zone 2 which is sort of run from another interpretation of th 220-age thing which puts me at 182 max, well any way I rode at an avg of 128 which was just getting to steady full pump burn in legs , for the last hour and 45 I was around 136. My avg speed was higher than last year avg speed on trainer. I know blah blah blah , I had a great long workout trying something I never used before so there.
Worked 8 today job is going well, cold, built walls today, I'm always amazed the exact same issues arise on jobsites job after job after year after year. Anyways. Be well.

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