Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another hard day, no really,I mean it.

Before I forget
is Lynda Wallenfels coaching page/blog . Of whome designed the plan I am following. Anyway The page I linked has a few great write ups about pacing in 24 hour race, and other usefull bits of info. Here's a game can you find where he talks about eye temperature and temporary blindness. "Knowledge is power." to quote Gi Joe or Mr. Rodgers, Maybe it was Uncle Jesse..hehehee.

Picked up tools from site,word on the street is about three weks of lay off before some projects cut loose, we'll see, that can change in a moment.
Did my workout today hill sim which was pretty good, I still need to stretch afterward. I will regret not building my base more , but think I could have hindered results more than helped. Essentially I do this same thing each year , so my attitude is that I am doing things in the same time frame, actually a bit sooner than 2006 when I did my first 12 hour and now I understand my goals and have a good training plan and also the goals after the goals which should help me to continue through the year. I think the main complications will be financial,relationship,if I need to travel for the job I'm on which would probably put a stop to it like in 07. Well we'l see, got the Team thing going now which will help a lot with focus.,It's not just for free gel packs you know.

You know it used to be you could stop in a local bike shop and chat with the guy about cycling stuff, but it seems these days if you don't have cash out in hand they really have no time to be bothered,. For the love of the sport ,commonality,so when I say to myself while putting things in my price point shopping cart I pause and hit empty cart because I remember this shop one of 5 or six in town , this shop gave me 4 water bottles for 5 bucks last year, good ones too, they were marked at 5 a piece. That little thing brought me back in there to drop 150$ on a heart monitor and such. But if there had been no hey thanks for shopping here and payin a bit more , I would have continued with the online purchase. I'm no prophet I'll say right out that price point has great deals and fast service, but I want to shop at local shops , but some have to work on their repoire a bit.
And BUYER Beware. .. Check the dates on the Hammer gel ,Received one that was 5mos past due and it was putrid gross , I'm glad it's almost gone ,Really check the dates.

All for today

Be Well...

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