Friday, July 10, 2009

On the Horse again...AND BERLIN WALL

Finally after 6 weeks of no riding I got on the bike today , original intentions of 80 miles but when I got out 15-20 miles I said "not today man" I ended up with 56 miles and avg speed of 15 with my avg HR at 152 which my Zone 4 Starts at 153 so I am happy I kept it up there. For those really concerned this was on my mtn bike w/26" wheels and Kenda nevegals. I didn't want to swap to the slicks yet. This ride let me know that I haven't fell that much from my level of mediocrity. Which helps me to not write off the rest of the year ,Yet another hurdle I've cleared.

Also I was able to secure work for next week yay, we'll see how many hours.

I looked and saw lance was 3rd place so I gotta try to find out what happened. next week will suck not being able to watch the stages.

All for now

Be Well

Good luck at the race's.

Check out this animated video of Berlin wall I got from Deutcshe Welle German TV is pretty cool and for the youngin's it's a nice bit of history

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