Tuesday, July 7, 2009


"Fixin' to do somthin' dumber than hell . But I'm gonna do it anyways."


In my off week here I got the notion to go up and do the Levi 100. Even though my riding has been minimal. But after talking to the miss's and like some sort of brain muscle link that cause that tendon to just start throbbing each time I thought of the race. I decided against it . Instead I'm gonna get a few road miles then go riding at standing rocks or N.Kettles . It looks like the job in houghton is a go so might take the bike for some after work fun, they've got some great trails around the Tech school up there.
I haven't totally written off the racing for the year but let's say this years events aren't lending themselves to a positive attitude. .
Well we'll see ,



enduroloco said...

that was such a tough race I've never felt that spent/sick to my stomach ever including a 24 solo. I am just happy I got my 8 laps in.....wow

enduroloco said...

Thanks for the well wishes and I hope you return to the dirt racing scene soon. That levis course is the hardest most physically demanding courses I've ever ridden including 24 solos.

GRIESE.J said...

Real glad I didn't go . Just from my 55 mile road ride my ankle tendon is killing me.
I'm hoping to get out to at least one or 2 more 12's this year .