Monday, May 4, 2009

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Great story read it here

8.5 hrs work today went in half hour early to get early quit fri . Busted chain yesterday glad it happened then and not first lap of race. New chain too. Crank Bros multi 17 to the rescue. Tonight took 2 hour nap then hit the road on one gear. just ten miles as I also planned and completed strength workout. The ride was nice was coming into roundabout and van was entering so I waved him first and caught the draft not too fast but he pulled steadily , I looked up and he had a Fox Cities Cycling club sticker in rear window that was funny. I was spinning like a MoFo went I waved him on, Way back when I could catch cars all the time on the mtb , Now well . . . Looks like Tstorms brewing. I really need a 40 hour week to buy chains and butter and entry fees and hammergel and ,and ,and and..., It wasecconomical reasons that persuaded my decicision to not race last year.

Real good movie on TCM right now The Big Clock.

Be Well ...

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