Saturday, May 2, 2009

better start training

My first team jersey arrived today, Although I know I've logged more training this year than any other I feel I should have done more, we'll see how it goes first race this sat, 12 hours stump farm. Any one need cub/Brewer tickets for fridays game? Neighbor had a pair.

Nice ride today some wind and hills and wind , computers had top speeds at 41 and 42 mph and they've been pretty accurate. That was nice i'ts been a long time, ,wind at back and dhill.

Just started weight routine with TABATA principles last night was killer ,we'll see how it goes.

Be Well And Plant a REAL tree not a facebook tree.


Mike said...

The kit looks good on ya! Good luck heading into your race season!

My next ride is the Tour de Cure in June and race is Eastfork State Park as part of the OMBC

However I did finally break 500 miles but this month sucks to get good training in with my sisters graduation and wedding taking up two weekends this month. I never thought I would say this but I would rather ride than go to Jamaica for her wedding. lol

GRIESE.J said...

yeah I was a bit sketchy on signing up for the team as I am more of a reserved personality in the race world , not wanting to draw attention which only highlights one's inabilities , I though the jersey might be too loud but it is actually A O K . And I have seen the Cyclopath Team around for a number of years . Hope I'm an asset and not a liability.