Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Now what...

Got 6 hours in today at work in gloomy conditions , glad I went in though as there are many places for my dollars to go. Looks like maybe only a couple days next week and we'll be done with the project ,then the big layoff again. I am already feeling around for the next project might need to commute on the bike maybe I can get a side job to supplement. Any ideas short of MaryK or AMWAY let me know. Might look into some lawn mowing but times are tight so it might not be so hot.

Got a nice ride in today Needed it to get going on a plan , trying to get that power I lack but to be sure I don't overdo it. Tonight's ride was mostly in the drizzle and rain, I headed out without the new rain slicker but the long sleeve decente jersey was perfect. There was a point where I was soaking wet, warm,pushing 80 rpms on the big ring and just grinning like a fool remembering things about the race ,my youth,the solitude of the moment. Everyone should have moments like this.

Just ripped a bunch of beginner guitar lessons onto the guitar trainer , I need to learn that thing. A fellow Ironworker was sharing his knowledge of guitar playing and I felt very incompetent ,not because he knew more than I on this but that I've had this thing 2 years and onlt vaquely know what I'm doing, much less be able to play a decent song.

Ok all for now .

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