Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday again

I told myself today hey things are OK and it's only May, OH SH#* it almost June, July then the snow starts falling OK I'm exaggerating. But My year always starts before the general public as I feel I must get what I can out of summer. The Grilling the sunsets , I f you've never pulled off the road got out of the car by your self and just watched the sunset you are missing out on some thing man. Taking mom out to dinner friday for moms day. Girlfriend bout new Hot Rod today 55 Ford street rod pick up with blue/black metallic flames that only show in the sunlight. Gotcha She's getting a Pontiac GXP v8 which when cruising is a 4 cyl . fun fun. she's off showing everyone tonight, no I haven't seen it yet.
Got some weights in tonight just a little as I have been slackin I gotta get going I notice it at work ,

Planning on a long ride on sat not sure where maybe Kettles but migh just go long on the road , my ankle bone is still sore from the race I believe it was striking the crank arm during my pedalling. Just glad it's not muscle or tendon.

Got an hour of gitar in elmore james and White stripes , if I ever got good I'd spend all my time on it.

All for now

Be Well...

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