Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shame on me

Shame on me for letting it get dusty, but at least I did not put it away in the case,back in the closet by the thigh master.(kidding , I keep that handy just in case...)
Another chops pic I figure an ENCUMIUM is due for Chops who in his Odd modesty has allowed himself to become an assett to his signatory contractors , Multiple weld certs and
often times shows a better understanding of the job than the foremen running it.
No he's not my boss , not this week, I figure he's always looking for pay back from when he started an dI was the prick foreman. And trust me I am an a**hole.But in a loving nurturing way.
Any way . Right hand is swollen as it reassimilates to the task of tying rebar, which may take a week of good pain and numbness before it is up to par. No ride tonight , nap on couch for hour and guitar for a spell. Can't really play it but no complete songs anyway. Workin on Elmore James One way out , and some others. Gonna do hour pedal skills tomorrow and short hills and strength after work of course. and sat and sun some long rides. I might hit larsen trail for the length of it sat just for the off road aspect. I was pretty good wed when I turned back there.

I had a thought , what if we all went out and bought some thing and returned it in may would that spike perceived consumer spending?

Be well...


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