Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hey there.
Takin' it easy today,no bike no weights. Been really over tired and such and felt I should tune down for a day. Picked up a couple books today one on Blogging, which I hope will help me to provide a more structured,informative,and enjoyable way for my visitors to spend their one to five minutes average viewing my posts. Which I think is pretty cool that my visitors are actually reading and linking from the articles I've listed.
Another book I picked up was Joe Friel's Training diary ,Well actually it's called The cyclist's training diary, with an introduction by Joe Friel,ANDPublished by Velo Press Which I picked up because of the lay out and page quality was well done. I've used a different famous trainer's training journal before but didn't really like the paper it used.Just weird like that I guess.

Next couple days are gonna be 18 degrees out , so it'll be back to the trainer. YAY.
I was looking in my training log from last year and essentially this week is the week I stopped training for the races last year, I talked myself out of it Using High gas prices,lack of work,the self detrimental argument that "If I'm not gonna win ,because of the much higher skill level I compete against,then why should I pay to go to some competition that cost 30$ 50bucks for gas , the extra food,the stress, the cost of new parts that wreck in a race. All of these I was able to difuse my excitement for the race season. And with this removed from my focus I ended up getting hyped on getting a motorcycle , which I've always wanted and am Very happy I did get. And if you must know I got a beautiful 2008 Triumph Tiger 1050. OOOOBABY...It Is good for the Goose,Gander and not bad on gas either.
This year I think I have had many of the same arguments about why I should or should not race this year. I have realized that my competition ,although technically it is against others,it is more about pushing myself further than I have in the past,and with that comes my overcoming limiters I've placed on myself over the last 36no 37no 38 years. This year my goal is to better my performance considerably through losing the excess weight and gaining the cycling power to finish strong in every race knowing I have planned and executed it to the best of my abilities. I've thought about the gas prices and hope fully this year will be less than last the 6 races I want to do this year if planned properly I can cut costs to off set the gas. My other concern is lack of work , but as I look at the finances and expected layoff duration the first part of this year will suck eggs but I believe it will pick up and I will spend the remainder of the year playing catch up, much like last year. Any new ideas are welcome.
I have allowed myself to ramble again and I apologize.I guess I better read that book tonight to limit my ramblings and give a more focused report.

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