Monday, March 9, 2009

Am I over doing it already?

Did great ride sat out side ,38 ish degrees supposed to be race simulation but no trails so I kept pace up and cadence around 85. Pushing it up the hills but good form.
3 hours was the plan and I worked it out nicely. BUT sunday was to be 6 hour easy spin and I couldn't get my self to do it. Blowing snow out side4-6 inches but even so the trainer is still fine for me and couldn't pull it off. Today strength, tomorrow calls for easy for 30 mins or off if tired, because of guilt I might ride but I will probably push myself to hard and mess up the HR test scheduled for wed . Maybe I'll swap those. I do need to do that test outside to get a better avg, I don't seem to run as high inside on the trainer, it could be due to the cold temps . and 3 layers of clothes.


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