Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rain ride.

Really f***in off the last few days. Was fearful that I might lose my ambition again and end up falling off the training which would result in me not racing. I must not let that happen again.
Today It was cold and rainy all day , I watched Weather underground radar until lightest patch hit. Scheduled 1 hour hill sprints . Stayed in town and hit pierce park. Wore rain pants I bought for the motorcycle and booties, was very wet when I got home but proud that I got out and did it. Tomorrow is scheduled 2 rides but will combine into one as I go back to work finally . YAAAAYYY!! Money. Hiway 172 overpass being redone in Green Bay,Wi . not sure how much work there is . 630 am show time , so the Milwaukee boys can get back for Training. Hopefully we can pull off a little overtime to supplement my recreational costs. I figure if the trails open up I can get some hours in at the Race venue after work some nights. My but will be kicked from work for the first few weeks though so I better settle down with the crazy talk.

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