Friday, March 20, 2009

rain comin

Small shower on its way so today I decided to work on my steep off road hills. Again we have no true hills around here but I spied a sledding hill over yonder on yesterday's ride. I'll take a pic tomorrow as I want to incorporate it into my ride. Not to tall but the first time up was easiest granny gear and after that it was second easiest I should be able to tame it down to middle ring and big cog before long. I road that 6 times 2 in a row cool down and so one wearing 2 pairs long johns and blues jeans was a bit restricting.

Kell had a shipping scale upon which I weighed my bikes . And was a bit disappointed to have my good bike weighing only 2lbs less than my 6500, I hope i was doing something wrong. But it definitely puts a full suspension frame at a priority. Today's duals weigh less than my good bike. Arrgh.

Tomorrow is to be nice ,cant wait for trails to open.

Be well

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