Monday, March 16, 2009

Iraq separate but unified?

Reading some articles on a blog about Iraq and although it was written in 2008 .You Know way before the recession and that guy came into office and destroyed all the great work we have accomplished over the last few years. Any way . I think it's funny to find an article about how Iraq can essentially live together having both a government that works for the common interests of the groups there and also allowing the individual groups to govern themselves. I think we're on to some thing here. We have what I have come to learn is a variation of a four group government here, Liberals,democrats,republicans,and conservatives. All we need it to find out what the common interests are? Security,regulation,law enforcement,border control,living wage jobs,accountability, and no bonuses until the books are balanced. BLAH BLAH .

Read the article anyway.

Cockamamie? Maybe Not.
By Kyle Crichton

“In Iraq, he had this cockamamie idea about dividing Iraq into three countries.”
– Senator John McCain, speaking of Senator Joseph Biden in Wednesday’s debate.

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