Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Great day out side.

The lay off is suckin'. Up 'til 2 watching movies wake around 9-10 am . washed the bikes today, just rough clean , need to schedule a tear down for each. Need to organize gear so I know where I stand with supplies. Kenda order on it's way I hope I ordered slicks, i think I did. cant wait for the Crank bro pedals too. So broke yet so spoiled. Had to get in on the sale. Starting to feel the crunch of the lay off, really gotta watch the pennies now. Maybe liquidate on ebay craigslist.Was checking out the want ads on there and there's even Adult film jobs. Hmmmmm..... Nah Kel wouldn't go for it and it would probably interfere with my biking and informational reports I put out there to you my Loyal readers. I SAID!!!! MY LOYAL READERS.. read the first post for understanding.

FAT cyclist is auctioning off a cool fixey go there and bid.NOW then come back and read.

Welcome back.
Been busy with things today running around,might do later bike ride to get used to riding at night again. Always like the night air.Was quite windy today.
Tommorrow the break is over and I have 2 bike workouts, intervals we shall see how that goes. Gotta make the most of the focussed training while I can.
Bottom of my page is a link to a thing I just signed for which in essence they pay you to view ads, usually making money ads , as well as recruiting more folks to sign up and view ads.Feel free to check it out so far today. As with anything buyer beware. But a fellow who has been workin it has been quite happy with it.

Kell just gave me my Easter presents 2 sweet backpack one a top shelf wegner swiss laptop backpack(100Plus buckaroos)and the other a High Sierra Brand. backpack,which I've beat the hell out of one of their backpacks for 10 years now and not a sign of fraying.

Gotta eat.

Be well...

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