Sunday, February 15, 2009



Have kinda been slackin' but getting some time in on bike, had a nice 2 hours today upped the intensity a little just because my lactate threshold has dropped with not riding last year. shame shame. Been going through the checklists of things to get this year for these races to kid of obligate myself to go as big as I can. But one is lights, I've been shoppin and gonna go with a brand I haven't seen around here in wisconsin, Also need to get a 10x10 foot ez up tent Any RECOMENDATIONS WOULD BE APPRECIATED , will prfer something with side tarps to block the wind for my support crew Princess Kelly.

Going to be ordering the training peaks 12hour solo personal best training program, I don't believe it requires the online coaching which is a bit much for the wallet right now.

All 4 now. Be well.

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