Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Movin' up here boss..."

Putting in work, great ride tonight , plan called for 1.5 hours . 30 mins zone 4 ,which I achieved right under Zone 5a for most of the half hour and kept rpms around 85-90.. Mr Obama's Speech was on. You know what we have no one to blame but ourselves, me you and the guy down the street. You have more people anti this and that than actually for something. I can't say I'm huge on the salary caps as it takes away from the element of The American Dream, but I am for locking up anyone paying a non U.S. citizen to do a job an American can do. It's bs that a citizen won't do it , the Owner doesn't want to pay the wage and insurance for a legal worker. I'm real big on time restrictions on welfare too. If you have your limbs a sense of balance and can cash a check you can work. Then you'll have pride in your home ,and want to protect your property. I'm all for more prisons too. First and second ofences 2-5 years real time, you wanna keep it up go for 40-50 years and stay in retirment prison in middle of dessert diggin wells. or pedalling generators . hehhehe. I gotta say I did like his comments about accountability with educational system, even though I am Union and the teachers union is big, The system continually eases back it's requirements because of whatever issue the kid has. I had a relationship with an High school english teacher here in the fox valley and more of her curiculum involved showing movies, based on books and reporting on that than actually reading the book. and the papers were terrible. WTF . And always making excuses for the system and students with all the issues. If I didn't do the work as assigned my grade reflected it . Boy did it reflect it.

Got some tax cash back , too bad it was spent last week already, they say unemployment's gonna go up but because I'm in a bad quarter it won't make a hill of beans to me. I am sending off series fees right away so I am somewhat obligated. I feel great now but it always seems to wane a bit so I need to get all the pieces in place.
supposed to be warmer tomorrow ,like 38 I heard and chance of precip so I gotta get out side . Hope fully I won't need all the layers on. Some day I'll get the proper gear. OK thats a lie I'll rock the Levis every winter 'til I die.Blah blah blah...

I won't preach the Buy American , but try to buy with your conscience and try to avoid the countries more likely to pay slave wages and send their employees home to one room homes to live with 3 generations of their family.. Buy quality products too. And those two things will keep you. out of W.M.

All for now Be Well.

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