Monday, February 23, 2009

2nd week

Starting second week of TP plan no bike today 45 mins of push ups and a lot of core exercises. First time I've done any of those things for a whole work out. And trying to change from free weight benches to push ups is really hard but I feel the push ups in all my shoulders and chest. Also I do them with toes on big pilates ball and use perfect push up things . I will be a sore puppy tomorrow.
Pain is fitness entering the body. Quote from some one . Supposed to do short track workout tomorrow, WHERE am I supposed to do this?????!!! Maybe I'll head out to the farm and ride the field perimeter, I should have RED ride snowmobile and carve it for me. Trails don't open 'til may around here. 30 -34 degrees next few days, with ice pellets on wed and stuff on wed, At least I can get outside.

Re purchased Joe Friels Book Mountain Bikers training bible , still same as 2000 when firs released ,although he did update some of his other books,. This will be the third copy I've owned. Had one first year , got 'another for Christmas sold it , never fully utilized the first copy, now couldn't fined it when I want it, . Blah Blah Glad I got this one because I understand it better now that I am using the 12 week program.

Went down to local pub last night for open mic , really wish I hadn't ,Not having alcohol for several weeks then tossing' back like I don't know what really messes you up and I think I noticed it more now that I've been training and eating better.

All for now
Be Well

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