Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here I will begin my blog . Deciding to do this is thoroughly self serving with no true intention of readership or fan ship merely to force myself to journal each day publicly so as to discipline myself to the necessary rigors of training to meet my cycling goals of this year. Which include competing in 5 or more 12 hour solo races this year and not only finishing but doing well in the 24 hours of nine mile race in Wausau this year, in the solo freak non champioship division. I got back on a bike in fall2001, raced 2002 in citizen class 10 overall for age, miscelaneous races in the sport catagory, and then in 2005 I did a couple 6 hour races and in 2006 I did one 12hour solo. did 99 miles and 6th out of 10 riders. I never knew I could get lapped so many times. It was a lot of fun and I had a basic attitude of take it easy and just finish it. 2007 no races, 2008 started training in winter but that faded when I realized gas costs and what not, along with a back injury. When the weekend of the 24-9 race came around I truly regretted not training and competeting. I hope not to repeat the scenario this year. I am in the process of base building again as well as more intensive weight training to gain the tone and musculature I feel is healthy for a 38 year old man whose abs became stomach and hopefully never become belly. I will be reading more blogs especially those of the career cyclists and if you have visited me through their sites feel free to comment or offer training advice. Please keep in mind I get up at 5 or 6 am drive 30 mins to an hour work very hard each day and am not alotted the luxury of a 5 hour training ride each day. "Go Etough!" AND of Course GO LANCE! My current bikes are a raleigh fixed rush hour,(yes still have hand brakes on it, but can skip stop pretty well, a trek 6500 xt/xtr, and my Trek 8500 ,which I love , and willhave to do until I race all year , then I'll see about upgrade.

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