Saturday, January 31, 2009

Got Sigma 1706 wireless with hr monitor, finally got ride in for an hour but a really good hour, first time ever doing a HR workout as opposed to a cadence workout. I bought the aftermarket cadence deal also , but I believe I was mistaken in thinking it worked with the BC 1706 , also didn't realize that the wireless signal does not travel all the way to handlebars if mounted on rear wheel ,BOGUS MANNN...Really Bogus. So for the time being until summer I will leave it mounted on the top tube using broken bic pen tubes to route my shifter cables through. The sigma ataches with zip ties or the rubber O rings we all love so it is easy on off , and will be able to transfer to older trek for winter outside rides.
Also Please check the Best before date on your Hammer gel products, bout the jug today of tropical and it was in a sad state when I breached the opening, Checked the date and it said best before 7/14 /08 Yuck , I wondered how long it would have sat to be that date , well I dug around in the fridge to fid that half gone jug of raspberry I got last winter when I went through the training phase and it had a best before date of 2010. and it was good enough to rid my buds of the tropical taste.
"Currently the weather is 35 degrees, 938 pm Appleton Wisconsin. Dude summers cumin'."

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