Thursday, January 29, 2009

Balmy 19 degrees today,summer's comin' March 1st. Noticed a few people checking out my corner of the room here feel free to chime in.
Last year got my bike prepped at local shop Gear'n'up in neenah ,wi , Thanks Scotty B . had him take off bike computer and since I haven't ridden that bike since now again I can't find the bag with the stuff. I am considering an upgrade to a sigma with altimeter. I'm fear ful of swallowing the cost of a computer with the pc programming , I fear I would spend more time overanylizing the data then actually training.
Worked 8 today buiilding wall and playing strawboss. got in the weights for 1.5 hours,"Feelin Good Louis". Tomorrow will attempt a hill simulation with the trainer, I've heard setting the brake pads for resistance is one way. not sure about that ,but I do need new pads by march any way.
Ironworker Jason hanson in pic build PCB clean up building,de pere ,Wi.Some days it's just good fun.

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