Sunday, September 27, 2009

This is what lucky looks like

Friday while placing steel roof deck on a 3 story office bldg , my safety retractable became detached causing my retractable (approx 1.5 feet diameter and 35 lbs) to drop 10-15 feet and engaging which pulled my harness and me towards the ground/floor below approx 23 feet , automatically before I realized it even my hands grabbed on to the deck sheet to my left and the beam to my right and my left foot caught bottom flange of beam , ,left hand was cut on sheet and couldn't pull my self up yelled for Brother Ironworkers to pull me up . Foreman Bob Van Grinsven pulled me up with Thadaeus Payne. and Bob took me to hospital.. Yest this is called lucky. 72 stitches.

Be safe



Mike said...

HOLY COW! Glad you are ok buddy! I hope you have a little time to relax after that. Keep me posted on your recovery.

GRIESE.J said...

actually back on mon for light duty shop work. stitches out 10-12 days and all should be good just sore . No Muscles, tendons that they saw.

Thanks Mike.