Sunday, August 23, 2009

SD Bike trip

minute man missile
the dash pics are the ride out there, the time is without the engine off time left at 7pm tues from appleton,wi arrived deadwood SD noon .

Wet on way out big storm at 4 am in Sioux falls and the wind really took its toll , but all was good.
Bartender at no# 10 saloon gave me good route with great breakfast and scenic gravel road with stream then the proper way to get to Mt Rushmore so I saw it through the tunnels. great curvy road but I had to keep slowing down for some harley guys from Iowa. Buffalo were cool . had to be stopped right in the middle of a herd ,felt very vunerable. 2 of them were fighting and right at the end of the video I think the one hit the suv with his head. Wounded knee was a good reflective spot I did not see the "museum" but did be outside the cemetary . The sunset was pretty awesome and the glow behind me was beautiful. It was then that I decided to head home. straight through minus a couple stops at rest areas catching an hour of sleep here and there. Traffic was great until Oshkosh where they all drive like morons glad I don't have a gun.

When looking at the pics scroll backwards for timeline.


Look twice for Motorcycles.


Mike said...

Awesome! Where the Buffalo roam! Looks like a great adventure, that was definitely more than a trip!

Hua said...


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GRIESE.J said...

I just realized how close to the clouds I was when on terry peak.