Monday, June 1, 2009

nothing to report weekend was good cake was spectacular.

Ankle's been acting up , read a thing about some tendon tunnel issue on inside of ankles, gointo watch it and no cycling for a week as I think my power rides re irritated it. Am going to Muir to Help Kenny and to finally meet this guy who invited me to his team only to have me injure out , hopefully work keeps me close and well fed so I may race in the latter season. Not real happy right now. Kind of a " Well old man get on your bike and do it before you're too old to hey you old man you're to old to do this. " I know this is not the case but possibly I did not have enough base miles loggeded, or at least hard base miles.

Changed brakes on Tiger it only takes 10 mins, but I expected pads to be very dire were just a hare thinner then the new ones. . Maybe I don't ride the Moto hard enough?

Be Well

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