Saturday, May 9, 2009

"It ain't over 'til it's over"

Nice short video

Thanks Kelly I think she scowled at mother nature and Mother nature stopped the rain. She doesn't read this

WOW what a story , Rain ,anxiety , not getting much ride time in.

First four laps was around 15th place which sucked but I was staying on pace. Derailleur problems big time in first two laps, a head full of snot form the cold I've had all week, rain, and just not sure if I would even make it 6 hours.
But kept pluggin away , lap times running 54 mins to 1 hour 11 mins, essentially just trying to get 13th or so . I gave it all on what was to be my last lap and came in at 7 pm exactly Kelly told me and I decided what the heck I'll be pissed if I dont do the lap and find out later I messed up.

Well I hit it BIG Time Like a Rock star roaring through the woods like a 38 year old freight train singin"East bound and down loaded up and truckin we're gonna do what they say can't be done, Got a long way to go and a short time to get there. came in with three minutes to spare to close for comfort, with this decision I beat out two well respected riders usually guys who win races but per the conditions were probably having off days. Nevertheless. I ended up getting 9th out of 19 and that is OK by me.

From the planning and the pacing and the fuelling I was right on Kelly's help with checking times and getting my food was excellent. . Just glad the port o potties were clean.

I ended up with around 114 miles in 11 hours and 43 minutes due to a delay with the start time.

Well considering I don't get too serious about the races this was pretty darn cool . I have not raced since my last 12hr solo in spring of '06 and didn't ride the bike at all in '08MY sigh at 20 seconds was geeze I just gave it all on that lap and now I must do this lap or I will be haunted.

What a day , Ok I got a pile of biscuits and gravy to eat.


enduroloco said...

I took a look at the results to see how everybody did so I must say great job out there! I obviously wasn't ready to go forth on a hard effort after my illness which is still working itself out. As far as the brave soldier goes I went through close to a half bottle, but that's only cause we started in wet conditions and as being water soluable it goes away quickly. Also, I appreciate the consideration after a very frustrating day, but always feel free to stop by and say hi. my email is Good job once again and we'll see you at the next one.

Mike said...

Great job!!!!! Way to kick ass in the elements!

Chris said...

Hey, good job out there! Sorry if I was a bit short, sort of focused being on my own w/o my wife and kid! Drop me a line: scstrout at yahoo when you get a chance. Cheers!