Tuesday, May 26, 2009

couple Kettle pics12 start

FRI PM planning for 4 am wake up.

Northern kettles 12 hour solo start. video bit fuzzy but oh well contact me i'll email you pic if you want..

I was just thinking and thought I'd throw this out there. I want to thank all of my good sponsors for helping me this year Crank Brothers for the great candy pedals,
and KENDA TIRES for the Tires and water bottles as well as Sun Ringle,Wheelsmith spokes,
Manitou shocks, Hayes Brakes,WEMS,and BEN"S CYCLES OF MILWAUKEE, And the Great team I ride for TEAM CYCLOPATH who has been in support of many RACERS this year , they also have been in support of Autism reasearch and fund raising to help find a solution .
Please support those who support US.

Went for ride tonight after work , glad I did after much procrastination but I beat those demons back. Good ride forced the pulling of the ankle a bit to see how she did and So far so good , I need many good rides like this to be able to at least maintain the rides/races , I am where I am right now and with many possible deviations from the intended path this year looming ever nearer I feel good right now and have concerns about the journey I chose for this summer but not worries yet. and this is good.

Gotta get some guitar Pray no rain need a ringer. well 32 at least.


Chris said...

What's that comment overheard about hoping for a better start than Chris?

GRIESE.J said...

Who me ? You give me one race where I can finish with out being lapped I'll be A. O. K.

Next year man Next year.

I gotta get my film crew to move in a little closer.