Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back to work today black Iron rebar , dirty filthy good stuff. Rumors of building wind mill bases in IOWA are abound , as the owner tries to recruit commitments. Not hyped on travel but gotta make the money, it would pretty much eliminate racing for the rest of the year which I hoped this would be the year to have fun with it. The money I would make in travel pay and overtime would pay a lot of bills fo sho. We'll see. right now one day as it comes.

Not feeling best for this race sat but will go at it like usual , it's a bike ride it's a bike ride for 12 hours. It has a lot of singletrack probably 80-90 % which I suck at , I figure to be in the back third, my placing last time was shear luck as a few of the riders had ample time to do another lap and chose not too. I can bet on several of them lapping me. We'll see gonna try shorter breaks and feeds , just hope it's not pushin 90 like it was today.

Be well, Say a prayer for our Troops.

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