Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stop with the wind already.

Enough with the wind already, the bridge temp was probably 45` and 30 wind chill. if we were lucky not to mention the contiuous bracing against the wind. , but anyway . Good day at work . it's a bridge deck you can't get too excited.

Got home and after thinking about my recent trail ride performance saturday, I've change a little on my training program partially going back to what I knew before when I trained , while working.
Tonight after a medium duty day at work I did 26 mile loop with about half of it into a 14 mph wind, on the Raleigh single speed no less . It was great. I am glad I swapped it back to freewheel so I could bring the pace down at times. No computer ,no HR, just ride . I think waht was best about today's ride was coming into town cooling down ,knowing I put in my work today and I see a group of guys just beginning their ride.

Be Well...

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