Saturday, April 11, 2009

John Muir??

First , thanks to the KILLJOY team rider that gave me pointer on tire pressure. I would have never gon under 40 much less 30psi but the Kendas were awesome. Nevegal rear dred tred front was perfect. They really grabbed well even in out of seat climbs. Thanks DUDE.

Boy I've done pretty good with my traing program, despite not building a good base and not touching the bike all of 2008, and having more than 10lbs excess fattas on me, I really sucked today at John Muir when I went down there not even getting close to any lap times I was shooting for. Girlfriend says it was due to me closing the tavern last night going to bed at 4 and getting up at 8 . Well maybe it has a little to do with it. . Honestly though , I was huffin and puffin , did the blue into orange by error , then did 2 blue laps. for 3 hours total bike moving time, fueled good. For not being off road for almost 3 years , and usually really suckin' I did pretty good really flying down the descents, I chalk most of it today to luck though, The cherry picker endo I had was a bit unerving as I tried to aim my head for the soft rock , but as would have it I tail ended down safely .

I must remind myself to take it easy when I race , as the rate I was attempting today I wouldn't last 5 hours much less all day.

Be Well.

And one more thing. today was probably one of few days that trail has been open thi year and some ignorant S.O.B. littered their gel wrapper on the trail . what happened to leave no trace. . Not to mention the miscelaneous banana peels and such in the parking lot. Did you people grow up in the ghetto or what? Maybe mountain bikers are too messy for the state trails and should be banned. . If you see it tell them why we must respect the trail.

And also Thank you to the volunteers down there that have put in the great work of building the new trails and maintaining the old.

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