Monday, April 27, 2009

Been slackin, Got less than 2 weeks 'til race and not been hitting like I think I should , This week I will try to get some focussed rides in . Changed flats today and cleaned bikes, got new gloves to help with numbness. after these first races that I was all hyped for I need to just do some for fun. Not that these are a matter of life but I know these courses and want to judge my personal achievments/gains on them and gauge wheth to do the almighty 24 hours, I hope I do do it.
Got a touch of sore throat I hope it's not strep or anything else. Can't afford it. Working out some numbers and allthough I was hoping for new bike this year ,that cash will need to go towards my few debts, so I will start out 2010 with no debts 'cept maybe half the moto. That would be real nice.

Thanks Mike for checkin in on my thoughts as well the sporadic passers by. the objective of this was to force me to report and be accountable for training and staying on task. although I haven't trained like I would have liked I am still moving forward.Where I might have easily sidetracked and lost desire,only to be haunted next winter,wondering why I didn't race???

Be Well.

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