Friday, March 6, 2009

WATCHMEN tonight 955

Yes I'm going to Watchmen tonight. I'll admit I was never big comic book guy, but the movies lately Dark Knight ,and now Watchmen, are really awesomely done. I had made a comment to some one several days before I saw Dark Knight about how movies are way too short they don't dive enough substance about the characters. I was way happy with Dark Knight , beside continuously visioning Christian Bale as American Psycho . Tonight's movie is to be 163 minutes long, I hope so. They better have the P-corn refills going on .

Today did hill sprints found some hills 30 minutes out and just kept turning around and doing them . I had 10 mph headwind going out but boy coming back with that tail wind for 45 mins was awesome. Then I had strength workout too which I'm used to doing body building type workouts and now I find I'm doing more of a circuit, which is hard to grasp. But I feel these workouts are giving me a leaner musculature as well as creating a pure-er strength base.
Tomorrow I've got 3 hours ,supposed to be race simulation but I guess I'm SOL on that too. It will be warm enough for outside as long as the snow stays wet. I've got a slick on the back and don't want to change out again.

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