Saturday, March 14, 2009


At least spring?? when? Today was a great day, went for nice 30 mile ride on the fixey today been awhile. Those little hills look a lot bigger when you have no other gears.
A lot of credit to the single speed riders. Maybe I should rig it like Nelson Vails, I think I read he had a brake lever rigged to switch between 2 chain rings. I like it fine the way it is. Don't think I touched the brakes once, but still won't take them off, the day I do I'll get a flat and put the wheel on backwards with the freewheelgear on the chain. HA HA HA . Tomorrow is to be skills day on the trail. still too wet and muddy. Cant even get in the parks due to snow. Wonder who we can blame for that??? It's a Joke. Kinda funny like today on the country road and over my Werewolves of london blaring in my ear I hear a "POP" well thinking the worst I look down , Nope still got air , then "POP" ...."POP" "POP" WTF!! As I crest theridge of my rolling hill I see Big sign for Clay pigeon Shooting. I can see 50 guys back from the road blasting targets. geeze. At least they were point the other way.

All for now gotta clean, got the Big bike on the charger might take it out tommorow.

Be Well...

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