Thursday, March 26, 2009

Christmas in March.

Got my big team sponsor pack today YAY. Mainly Kenda Tires and Crank Bros pedals.
Got the White candy Ti , because my fat asp is to heavy for the red ones.
After the first hour and a half on pavement they are great, enough float that my knee won't get irritated , this year it has been fine though. The plat form is at the perfect height so when you clip in the shoe is firm . Sidi,Dominator5 shoes. .

Got a call about a big money job for a bit in Brew city, either a stack is 5 12 hour shifts or something. It'd be kinda cool to do a stack , several hundred feet in the air, and the money would be good. But these things always seem to be different when you get down there. I really don't want it to mess up my bike plans this year however irresponsible that may sound. I'm at a spot in life where I'd really like to accomplish this and see what I can achieve, and maybe the next year be even better,call it mid life crisis or trying to recapture lost youth, it is what I wish for this year.

Be Well.

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