Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well I know I'm no pro cyclist, I'm barely considered avid. But last night when I found out that 24-9 was soley run by Granny Gear and there would be no solo freak 24 hour class, I was pissed.

Why wouldn't you offer a category for the sport class rider who wants to test himself in one of the most extreme tests of will and fortitude the sport can offer? This was the reason I am on this blog right now, this is why my ass is chaffed, my wallet is bare and my spirits are elevated with the vision of crossing the finish line after 24 hours on my own. . BUT NOOOOOO.... Granny has said no mediocrity for you old man ... You have 2 choices you may ride in the pro level with Etough,Hendershot,and Marenchin. OOORRR you can ride in some catagory they call the Just for fun class, which from the description is anywhere from a solo rider to teams of 10 members all competing against each other. My response was this idea was proposed by someone a bit out of touch. A 10 member team would only encourage extreme novices on the trail which would only cause headaches,confusion,and accidents. And probably a few drunks on the trail too. I looked at the results of other granny races and yes the amount of competitors was few and far between , but Wausau had 36 pros and 36 solo freak riders I think that is very commendable Wisconsin. Home of the largest mountain bike racing series. I told her I did understand that maybe some of the racers in the freak division were not up for it but who are they to decide.
My other issue is that now that I have gone from 12 hour solos to "Professional Status"With out the free volvo mind you. My entry fee went from 80 ish dollars to any where from 280-340 dollars . To clarify half of that fee goes to the Purse And I'm all for that I have always chipped in for the leaders and anything to make it a worthwhile event for them. What about the other 60 - 80 bucks difference where does that go and why is it not distibuted equally. And don't say it's to get the average rider to sign up because that's me you're talking a bout .

I guess I'm going pro this year, on my Trek 8500 HT . Please contact me with donations. I'll have your name stenciled on my bike. I figure if I keep the fuel going ,the coffee brewin'.and a hammer gel I V I should be just fine.


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