Sunday, February 22, 2009


Good job to Astana. This is the first time I've watched every stage of the Amgen and that was alright. Helps to have the Godfather as your back up too. GO LANCE .

Sceduled 4 hour easy on trails , but because it's 20 degrees and no trails around I did 4 hours inside , brought the bike to living room while Kel was off baking cakes , rented both rock and rolla lamea rama, was hoping for cross between lock stock and two smoking barrels ,and Sin City. It was not great,, Also did Eagle Eye which was alright but you need a 50 inch screen and to have never seen a movie before so you you have a half a chance at being suprised at the ending. MAY BE I'M OLD?
Anyway good ride no bike tomorrow, just strength. And a whole lot of chores.

They said 2 million at the race today , probably not one penny of admission, be able to run 5 inches from some of the most elite athletes in the world . WOW. They said it was the most attended sports event in California. Cool. man cool.

Be Well

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