Saturday, February 21, 2009

North Tahiti

Temp 25 wind 7-10 gust 17. Lyndas plan called for 3 hours , but most was riding high tempo and through couple inches of snow, Heart rate was up there the whole time and as this was supposed be like race I think it was OK . I only did 20 miles but I'm OK with that. I'll bet if it was a clear spring day I would have had to do 4 hours probably 60-70 miles to get the ride i had today. Toes were pretty cold at 1 hour . if the wind was down and temperature up by 5 degrees it would have been decent, but then more idiots on the road. Every on was pretty good today , you always have one or 2 but they're just mad 'cause Bret left. GO BREWERS . , We'll see how this year goes but I think I'll invest in some studded tires for next year. I'll have to look into that my friend.
I think thats all for today.

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