Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dead tired

got ride in tonight 730 pm 2hours really good. ,but I'm not getting that burn I think I should be feeling, I know the accelerade I drink offsets it some ,but I was givin' 'er pretty good. Felt like high school when the legs were huge and catching station wagons and honda spree scooters to draft off of ,while riding my Red Bianchi mtn bike with no granny and slicks on it . Boy things come up and then 20 years later you're trying to get what you wanted way back when. Tuesday night bike rides 30mile s, thursday night time trials , 3 other guys in my novice non license class free dominos pizza to winner. Always got it.American Flyers, The years Of Lemond ,Tomac and Overend,Nelson Vails , 7-eleven Look pedals and Giro helmets that look like a cheap beer cooler. . Dude. . I'll stop there. . ..
Tomorrow is pancakes , tubes in moms schwinn clean the yellow 6500 and hit outside for 3 hours , wish me luck..

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Mike said...

Hi Jason,

Thank you for the tip!!! I'm working on gathering all of the info. I can and then posting on the blog as I go. Maybe help other diabetics along the way. :)

Best of luck to you as well this season!!!